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Purple Tree First Edition DVD / CD Set

Description: Spanning more than a decade of material, the Purple Tree (First Edition) DVD showcases over two hours of video, including never before seen live footage and outtakes. Limited Time Offer Includes Bonus CD. $10.00 Donation. Audio and Video Digitally Remasterd from Original Media. Presented in 4 X 3 NTSC AC-3 Stereo Full screen Mode. Printed at the Purple Tree House.

DVD Titles:

+Broken Astronaut
+I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier
+Gimme Some Truth
+Don't Let Me Down
+This Never Happened Before
+Fly to the Station
+Happiness the Ending Day
+'Plasticine Man' Preview Chicago (5 songs)
+Promotional Performance (4 songs)
+Live in NYC 2006
+US Beer CO. Chicago 2003
+Live Comcast Cable 2004
+Keep On Shining
+Broken Astronaut Demo
+Making Happiness Ending Day
+David Perry Live 1997
+Buddy Holly Song
+Crystal Rose (Rare Demo 1997)
and more...

Bonus CD Tracks:

1. First Light
2. Capsule
3. Broken Astronaut
4. I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier
5. Gimme Some Truth
6. Don't Let Me Down
7. This Never Happened Before
8. Fly TO The Station
9. Happiness (the Ending Day)
10. Plasticine Man LIVE
11. Faces on the Wall LIVE
12. White Light LIVE
13. Friend of the Stallion LIVE
14. Purple Tree LIVE
15. Mind Scan LIVE
16. Fly to the Station LIVE
17. Plasticine Man Reprise LIVE
18 Garden of Eden LIVE
19. Marjorie's Dream

All songs copyright David Perry 2008 except 'I Don't wanna be a Soldier', 'Gimme Some Truth' -John Lennon; ' This Never Happened Before' - Paul McCartney; 'Don't Let me Down' - Julian Lennon. All audio and video produced by David Perry. View at Full screen. Dancer to Purple Tree's 'First Light - Melissa AKA www.youtube.com/FamFnl - www.purpletreemusic.com. Federal copyright laws apply. This DVD provides nonexclusive rights to copy and distribute without profit. Public displays of content allowed if credit mentions David Perry or purpletreemusic.com. Posting, recompiling, or reproducing video / audio prohibited without permission from copyright holder David Perry. Printed at Purple Tree House Recording USA and not sold for profit. Purple Tree First Edition DVD "Easter Egg Hunt"? Hidden within the Menus of this DVD are seven videos not advertised or mentioned. Treasure Map - 7 Eggs Found.


All Content © 1997 - 2007 David Perry