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New Purple Tree Video - Got to be Free

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Live Footage, 'Got to be Free Video '.

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Got to be Free

Quickly becoming a Fan Favorite. Band performing anti-war message. Must See!

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January 10th, 2009

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~January 10th, 2009~

Purple Tree Video - New Got to be Free! NEW WEBSITE FOR

The all new Interactive Website for the Purple Tree is being released at or around 9 PM EST, joined with an exclusive online performance from David Perry. To view the New Website visit www.purpletreemusic.com

Peace and Light ~


~December 7th, 2008~

Purple Tree Video - New Got to be Free! It's been a while, but we've been busy. However Big news, purpletreemusic.com is currently undergoing a major change. In less than a month it will be featuring a regular news blog, real time video feeds, and user interactivity allowing listeners to log in. Google users, AIM, Yahoo, Wordpress, OpenID ... most everyone can participate. Comment on features / items, upload content, and be an integrated part of the Purple Tree Project meeting friends with similar interests through the site. Additionally realtime video feeds will happen on occasion allowing a behind the scenes look into life of the band, creating demos, and / or spontaneous real time streams from the cell phone no matter what the location.

Looking forward to the big unveiling for 2009, Stay Tuned!!
2009 introduces the next chapter for the Purple Tree Project ...

Peace and Light, David Perry

~Jul 18, 2008~

Purple Tree Band gives interstellar performance, Hot New Video 'Got to be Free'. Anti-War message, unite and live free. Click Here and Check it Out.

~Mar 22, 2008~

Today's Blog Talk Radio Broadcast Here! BONUS: New Purple Tree Song "Spaceship" Early Preview Here- Click Here for Download

Press play to hear

~Mar 2, 2008~

Music Video "Marjorie's Dream". Emotional music video displaying three personalities. Violence creates fear, alienation, isolation, and pain. Some wounds never heal... See why this is quickly becoming the bands Top Rated Video. *Click Here*

~Jan 22, 2008~

Purple Tree DVD on Sale Here! Spanning more than a decade of material, the Purple Tree (First Edition) DVD showcases over two hours of video, including never before seen live footage and outtakes. Limited Time Offer Also Includes Bonus CD. $10.00

Purple Tree Limited Edition DVD CD Set

~Dec 04, 2007~

Purple Tree on UNCUT Magazine's January, 2008 John Lennon Tribute CD "Give Peace a Chance". which is a collection of anti-war and protest songs. CD also features Robert Plant, Roy Harper, Steve Earle, Richard Thompson and Robert Wyatt. Read EZine for more details.Available for sale at Borders and Barnes and Noble.

UNCUT Magazine CD Give Peace a Chance with Purple Tree

~Nov 22, 2007~

7 New Photo Albums of over 100 Purple Tree Pictures. Visit the new Purple Tree Photograph Gallery.

~Nov 04, 2007~

Purple Tree Video Debut! Happiness the Ending Day. A must see from one of the band's top rated songs. Gentle Ballad Filmed around Chicago in Autumn.

~Sept 16 , 2007~

New Video "Don't Let Me Down". Watch it now...

Purple Tree Video Page Updated

~Oct 02, 2007~

Purple Tree is planning a 5-10 show U.S. Rock Music Tour for 2008. Check back regularly for details on how to register your location for consideration.

~Aug 07, 2007~

New video "Out Of Iraq" Promo 2007, Gimme Some Truth, Words and Music John Lennon. Visit Purple Tree's video page for more information.

~Jul 29, 2007~

Trippy New Video Debut! Fly to the Station... Purple Tree Video Page or YouTube...

Decorate your computer with New Purple Tree Wallpapers

~Jul 30, 2007~

New music video released today. David Perry covers the song 'This Never Happened Before'. Visit the Purple Tree video page for more details and MP3 download.

~Jun 6, 2007~

Download June 4th's Radio Broadcast Here.

~May 24, 2007~

JUNE 4th 5:20 PM Central Time Zone Hear a live performance on WJOB AM 1230 with singer / songwriter David Perry from Purple Tree. The broadcast will also be streaming Worldwide. 6:20 NY Time and 3:20 PM California Time.

~May 13, 2007~

New Music - Marjorie's Dream
Purple Tree's Music Page Updated.

T-Shirts now available in our Online store!

~Apr 14, 2007~

All videos IPod Compatible and available for download.

~Mar 19, 2007~

Team Page updated Bio.

NEW PURPLE TREE ALBUM, Available Soon! All new music.

~Jan 29, 2007~

Capsule Visit our Video Page

Purple Tree - Capsule Video Debut

Produced by David Perry Copyright 2007

~Dec 02, 2006~

Broken Astronaut Video Premiere. Download Broken Astronaut MP3. New music from Purple Tree's latest rock project 'the Final Prophecy'. Visit the band's Music, and Video Page. Original Underground Rock Music

~Nov 15, 2006~

New Plasticine Man MP3's available. Complete underground CD re-release expected for 2007/2008. Recorded by the original band line-up.

~Sept 30, 2006~


~Aug 12, 2006~

Purple Tree @ Arlene's Grocery FINAL SUMMER PERFORMANCE August 29th. Underground Rock Music...Visit our schedule for performance dates


~Mar 20, 2006~

Welcome everyone to Spring 2006. This means warm weather and fresh changes. Read the latest Purple Tree Ezine for our latest News. Underground rock shows to follow from the Purple Tree Band.

Purchase 'the Final Prophecy' Enhanced CD, Beta in the Purple Tree Online Store.

~Jan 08, 2006~

NEW: NYC Interview with David Perry released. Insight on band Inspiration, influence, and 'Final Prophecy'. ALSO: Read accompanying Article for 33RPM on Purple Tree.

NEW: Lead guitar added to song Got to be Free and Capsule. Smoking Hot Rock, re-vamped and fresh today! Hear the Final Cuts NOW! Download music for free.

~Nov 07, 2005~

Happiness (the Ending Day) - Warm and Real. Hear the rock ballad Here! Released 11-05-05. Purple Tree Band delivers Underground Rock Music.


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