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Purple Tree - Plasticine Man

Purple Tree -
Plasticine Man:

Keep on Shining -

There was a lust
Deep inside me
I can't explain
In your words.
Such a flash
Long behind me
Sparkle gamma
For the words.

Let me feel your body,
When I open up your mind
See what I can find.
I want to take you higher
Than the frequency on which I flew.

I am one, back to ashes
Changed to light I knew I could

And People often change
But you can stay the same
Survive in ways you never thought were true.

Keep on shining through and through
You can win, you're never through
Keep a smile within your heart
Every Life is warm and new
It's true

Keep on shining through and through
I'm so in love with all of you,
And if you're ever feeling blue,
You're not alone, I'm there with you,
It's true,

Keep on Shining through and through

Keep on Shining for me
Keep on shining through and through

All Songs © 2001 DavidPerry

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Purple Tree - Keep on Shining LyricsPurple Tree Lyrics

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