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Purple Tree -
Plasticine Man:


Plasticine Man -

I am Plasticine Man
Share Time, Remember my land.

Dreamt in a world a different color than dreams.
Nothing and nowhere, oh never mind how it seems.
Shot through to Spectron with a left twist in time.
Woke in your waking and you're sleepy for mine.

Emerald Rain,
I can't take the pain.

Speak More Plasticine Man.
Eram mischievous Plan.

Ram took a blade from a fifth dimension mind.
Locked up and shut down all the Portals he could find.
Trapped on this life, your illusion laced with sound.
Nothing to take back if I ever am found.

Far Away,
I can't take the pain

Illusions of visions which float in the air.
Shining full Dazzle with the clothes we all wear.
You might see me home if you dream you are there.
I'm lonely and lost and it seems so unfair.

Emerald Rain,
I can't take the Pain.

The moon brings me silence and when the night comes I pray.
Imo and Nepcoo will come and take me away.
I just placed a capsule in the front of your mind.
Know where you're sleeping, and I know where you hide.

Emerald Rain,
I can't take the pain

All Songs © 2001 DavidPerry

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