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Purple Tree - Plasticine Man

Purple Tree -
Plasticine Man:

Mind Scan -

Float the clouds and let me sing to your mind
A lost direction in a kingdom that two Spectrones would find.
Hypnotized inside the eye of the sky
A crazy creature moving laughing at the freedom to die.

An interstellar madman
Who said he’d free me
The image of a time span is quite intriguing
The message of a Sad Man
You’re still receiving
Frozen in a Mind Scan

Ports unopened light from a sky
Former Eizoe Leader left the freedom to fly.
Love and Fate inside a particle Lie
I saw the nightmare where you linger but I didn’t know why.

Cause you’re the victim of a Madman
You’re really dreaming
The image of a Time Span Is quite deceiving
You did it in a car crash, While you were sleeping
Frozen in a Mind Scan

Float the clouds but it’s so hard to stay high
The capsule Laser has elated to the particle High.
Trip the night and hear the messages deep
The tiny voices that control me have unlocked what I keep.

So meet the interstellar mad man
Who said he’d free me
I met you in a time span
Is quite deceiving
The message of a sad man
You’re still receiving
Frozen in a Mind Scan

All Songs © 2001 DavidPerry

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