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Purple Tree - Plasticine Man

Purple Tree -
Plasticine Man:

Garden of Eden -

Feeling lost in the Garden of Eden
Blade of grass looking high below
Dark and dead not a poet is dreaming
Wonder how I could fall so low.

Got to find a reason to feel
Beneath the sun the ocean is real

Want to Die

No one even cares you live you die,
Please dry my eyes

When the sky’s doing nothing but bleeding
Show me where I can find my home
Find a mask that can hide where I’m weeping
Down below a bottom under low

Enter destination unknown
Find the light that takes me on home

Want to Die

Soon we’re dead you’ll all be through
There’s nothing anyone can do
Don’t let your fear destroy your fate
You’ll spend a half of life in wait

Feeling lost in the Garden of Eden
Watered eyes in a darkened hole
No one cares and there isn’t a reason
Free your mind while I free my soul

All Songs © 2001 DavidPerry

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